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Race Rules

  1. The Race Director (Jamie Ranney, 508-292-2999) determines all route changes. Depending on endangered species and beach conditions there may be some. You must follow all course signage, directions from officials, etc., and STAY ON COURSE. If you deviate/cut corners/go off-route, you and/or your team will be disqualified.
  2. The Race Director determines all penalties for non-compliance with the rules ranging from a time penalty all the way up to and including disqualification. The Race Director's rulings are final, not subject to argument and not appealable and not subject to criticism, bitching or whining or negative posts on Facebook or other social media.
  3. All runners including each and every team member must be registered to race and have executed a waiver/release and provided emergency contact information to the Race Director and to have notified, in advance, their emergency contact that they are competing in the Rock Run.
  4. Runners must complete the leg they start. No "during-race" substitutions are allowed. If a different athlete finishes a leg that started it – the entire team will be disqualified.
  5. Runners must stay below the high water mark. Keep the water on your left at all times.
  6. No trash or anything else (water bottles, towels, goo packs, etc.) may be abandoned or left on the course. You must complete each leg/return with everything you left with. If you leave trash or other material that you are carrying on the course, you and/or your team will be disqualified.
  7. If you abandon the race or there is a medical issue with you or a team member you must contact the Race Director immediately.
  8. All solos and team captains must attend the Mandatory Pre-Race Meeting. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  9. This is a self-supporting race. You and your team are on your own to supply water, food, etc. Other than transportation to the start of the 2nd leg at the East Jetty on Coatue, you and/or your team must make your own arrangements to have water, food, socks, shoes, towels, etc., at each checkpoint or in other locations along the course. Course support may be provided by others along the course route – it does not have to come at a checkpoint..
  10. You MUST physically check in at each checkpoint with a Rock Run official to officially obtain a time at each checkpoint. A missed checkpoint will result in a disqualification and you or your team not obtaining an official time.
  11. Teams accessing the Coskata/Coatue/Great Point area at Checkpoint #2 (East Jetty) and/or #3 (Great Point) will need an annual beach sticker from The Trustees of the Reservations Gatehouse in Wauwinet. See information on the Coatue/Coskata area and the TTOR website. If you are headed out there by vehicle you will REQUIRE A BEACH STICKER so plan this in advance.
  12. The beaches of Nantucket are certainly not your private restroom. Go before hand and plan ahead. The only formal bathroom facilities on course are on Leg 3 (Great Point to Sconset; porta john), at the public beach at Surfside (near parking lot up from beach) and at Jetties Beach when you finish.
  13. You are not allowed to leave the beach unless the course dictates it. This means – depending on the tide – you may have to go in the water to make it past obstacles, bulkheads, etc. So be it. DO NOT TRESPASS on private property
  14. The race ends at the official sunset time. In 2014, that is 7:16 PM. When the sun is done – so's the Run.

Respect the Run.