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6:00 pm Mandatory Pre-Race Briefing at Children's Beach (bandstand) on Harborview Way:
All solo athletes MUST attend this pre-race meeting.
All team captains MUST attend this pre-race meeting.
All participants MUST show a photo ID, provide emergency contact information, and sign an event wavier before they will be allowed to compete in the Rock Run. NO EXCEPTIONS.
6:30 am Solo athletes assemble at Pocomo Point
7:00 am Solo's start swim to 5th Point
7:30 am 1st leg relay team members assemble at Pocomo Point
8:00 am Relays start swim to 5th Point.
2nd leg runners assemble at Children's Beach to be shuttled to Coatue (East Jetty) by boat.
3:00-7:14 pm Athletes finish
6:00 pm Post Race Party TBD. You'll get some apps and a few free drinks. We will have the awards ceremony around 7:00 pm.
7:16 pm When the sun goes down - the race is officially over